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The Quickstart Game

Sufficiently Advanced is a pretty detailed game, with a lot of setting information. If you’re one of those people who prefer to get right into a game immediately and experience the ruleset in action, here’s how to do it.

First, have everyone read the rules quickstart on the next page. It has the basics of how to roll dice, use Twists, and invoke Core Values, along with page references for more information on all of them.

Next, have everyone make characters. Go through this checklist:

1. Pick a set of four Core Values — things that your character believes in. Rate each thing from 0‑10, depending on how strong the belief is. If you need inspiration, check out the list on page 73.

2. Rather than going through the existing list of civilizations, use the Instant Civilizations guidelines in the sidebar to the right.

3. Assign your character’s Capabilities (see the next page for the short version on each one). You can give them any rating from 1‑10, with 1‑3 being the unenhanced human range.

4. Based on your highest Capability, note your Import, and split it up into your Themes. See the table on the next page Each Theme is rated from 0-4. Pick a descriptor for each Theme, which tells you when it’s useful. See page 75 for more.

5. Choose some Professions — jobs that your character has held in the past. There’s a list on page 84 if you like. Spread out a total number of points equal to at least your Biotech + Cognitech, but no more than twice that amount. The more points you decide to use, the older your character must be. You still get the Locality profession for your civilization at level 5, for free.

6. Pick a name and get going!


A player could choose the Core Values of Drama, Eternity, Learning, and New Horizons. She ranks them at 7, 4, 8, and 5, making Learning and Drama the most important ones for her. Picking the first two to define her civilization, she imagines a society of overly theatrical warriors cloning themselves new bodies as they fight each other over the course of hundreds of years. She calls it The Order of the Knights of Eternity and names her knight Solina.

She picks high Biotech, Cognitech, and Nanotech ratings, putting them at 7 points each. She wants a reasonable Metatech, and puts it at 5, and leaves Stringtech at 3, reasoning that the Knights use swords rather than guns.

Because her highest Capability is a 7, she gets to allocate 7 points worth of Themes. She chooses the following Themes and descriptors: Plot Immunity (old allies) 2, Romance (whirlwind) 3, and Comprehension (historical reasons) 2.

She has to spend between 14 and 28 points on professions. Since she wants to be relatively young, she chooses to spend fewer points, and picks Artist (Poet/Writer) 6, Soldier 7, Medical 4, and Locality (Knights) 5.

She’s ready for play!

< encadré >

Instant Civilizations

Deciding which civilization your character comes from can take a long time. Instead, for a quick start to the game, create your character’s civilization from scratch by picking two of your character’s four Core Values.

Take a minute to do “free association” with those two Core Values. Whatever your mind comes up with when you think of those CVs, write it down, and use these words to guide you when people ask you questions about this civilization.

You can give this Civilization whatever Capability levels make sense to you. For now, skip any special benefit that those who live in the civilization might have — either it will become apparent as the game goes on, or it won’t be very important.

Now you’re ready to go!

Later on (see page 169) there are some methods for running an entire campaign this way, using player-defined civilizations.

< /encadré >

MessagePosté le: Dim 27 Sep - 22:18 (2009) Back to top

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