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Quickstart Rules Reference

Capabilities (pg. 78)

These describe your physical and mental capabilities, including built-in enhancements.
Biotech: Health, flexibility, strength, longevity
Cognitech: Intellect, creativity, memory
Metatech: Charisma, empathy, presence
Nanotech: Precision and perception
Stringtech: Physical damage and resistance to it

Professions (pg. 83)

Each one represents all the skills you would need for a particular job. Invent your own, or check the list that starts on page 84.

Reserve (pg. 88)

Each Capability has Reserve equal to the level of the Capability. Professions have twice as much.
Spend Reserve to re-roll a die, or to add +1 to the roll. Must spend from something you’re actually rolling.

Basic Dice Rolling (pg. 100)

Roll one ten-sided die for Capability, and one for Profession. Read 0 as 10. Multiply your roll by your score, and use the higher result.
For long-term contests and combat, each roll reduces the loser’s Reserve rating by 2 points. When someone is reduced to zero Reserve, the next attack actually hits them, putting them at the attacker’s mercy. Detailed rules for long-term contests are on page 101.

Using Core Values

For resistance, add the level of the CV to your score in Metatech and any resisting Profession.
When taking actions that align with your CV, you
get +1 to the roll if your CV is 1-5, or +2 if it’s rated 6-10.
Using Twists on people with opposed CVs rated at 6 or higher costs an extra Twist.


These influence your character’s story in particular ways. You spend Twists to bring them into play.
The Themes are Plot Immunity, Empathy, Romance, Comprehension, Magnetism, and Intrigue.
Each one has a descriptor, a word or short phrase that limits where it’s useful or how it can be used.
Activate Themes by spending Twists.

Start each game session with one Twist.
Spend one Twist to activate a Theme (of any level) and change the story. Spend an extra Twist to get a more powerful effect.
Take Complications to get more Twists. The higher your Capabilities, the worse Complications you have to take.

Import Table
| Highest Capability | Total Levels in Themes | Complication Level |
| 3 | 9 | 1 |
| 5 | 8 | 2 |
| 7 | 7 | 3 |
| 10 | 5 | 4 |

| Level | Example |
| 1 | Light wounds, some of your foes escape unharmed, public embarrassment, your friends are annoyed with you, your position or goals are revealed to the enemy |
| 2 | Moderate wounds, unconsciousness, major delays, your friends are angry at you, your character befriended by the enemy |
| 3 | Serious wounds, your character kidnapped, all your foes escape unharmed, your property destroyed, money lost, deluded by the enemy, friends lost |
| 4 | Critical wounds, friends turned against you, projects ruined, reputations altered, your character brainwashed |

MessagePosté le: Dim 27 Sep - 22:25 (2009) Back to top

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