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Mechanica is a small and somewhat tenuously connected culture. They believe that humanity resides in the brain, and in nothing else. Thus, all else is replaceable, and perhaps even meant to be replaced.

Mechanican architecture is very large and exceptionally sturdy, to accommodate a wide variety of machine-bodies. Their art is a testament to the human spirit, and to the emotions, beliefs, and frailties of humanity. The Mechanicans themselves are stereotypically high-energy, can-do sorts of people.

Mechanicans are born completely human by anyone’s standards, although they are typically born in vitro. Cells are carefully extracted from the stillliving portions of the parents — typically the brain or spinal column, but occasionally blood is available — and sperm and eggs are created using their respective DNA. The process continues normally from there, with the embryo being formed and maturing in an artificial womb. The parents are present, ready to receive their child, when surgeons carefully cut the newborn from the womb.

Young Mechanicans appear much as children of any civilization, though their clothing tends towards metallic, glittering, and shiny colors. In their teenage years Mechanicans begin to replace parts of their body with cybernetic implants. Cybernetic implants start small, with the parts of the body that mature early (such as the eyes), and those that benefit most from early replacement (such as the liver and teeth). They replace more and more of their body as they reach physical maturity, often keeping spare parts and optional refit equipment at home. Although even young children have neural meshes, most functions are disabled until legally-determined ages. As they become older, most Mechanicans replace more and more of their bodies. Those above the age of 30 typically have nothing left of their original body but the brain and spinal cord.

Growing up in Mechanican space is, in many ways, a lesson in humility and caution. Children learn quickly that everyone around them is stronger, faster, smarter, and much more dangerous than they. Becoming an adult is a constant process of losing and regaining friends, as one’s parents pay for new levels of enhancement. Because of this, most Mechanicans have very good friends, but not very many of them. Adult mechanicans, around the age of 20 to 25, tend to pick a new name for themselves. Both “serial numbers” and descriptive names are common.

Some Mechanicans wonder whether simply having new brains created in vitro from their parents’ genetic material might be more effective and efficient, but it is generally agreed that the early “organic period” is an important and necessary part of becoming an adult.

There are some Mechanicans who don’t replace all of their bodies — some, in fact, don’t replace any of it. Parents may only legally enforce implantation on their children for medical reasons, and there are a few fully organic Mechanicans who start off by merely rebelling, and decide that their way is actually better in the end. Many of them eventually leave for another culture. Those that remain face not so much prejudice as constant questions from their more enhanced friends. Poorer Mechanicans are actually more likely to spend their money on enhancements, as a visible sign of wealth and independence.

Mechanican machine-body types are nearly as varied as Stardweller’s real bodies. Sleek, sexy human figures; perfectly disguised humans; excavators, submarines, and other vehicles; tentacled monstrosities, and more have their place. Wealthier Mechanicans often purchase multiple bodies for different occasions, using equipment in their garage to move their brainpod from one to the other as circumstances require. Naturally, very high levels of Stringtech cannot be contained well within a merely human-sized frame, but Nanotech is much less conspicuous, and just as dangerous under the right circumstances.

Mechanican drawing © 2007 Tau Ceti Deichmann

Mechanican culture is based around those things that past philosophers have declared explorations or expressions of the human spirit — art and athletics in particular are favorite pastimes, with exploration a close second.

Many Mechanicans, however, are more concerned with making money. Mechanicans literally buy votes, making them one of the few democratic plutocracies in the history of the universe. Psychohistorical projections indicate that some major class struggle has been building, and will likely come to the fore in the next few years.

Mechanicans have only a single core value: Humanity. Lone CVs are indicative of a lack of cultural cohesion — the only thing they have holding themselves together as a civilization is that they’re mostly cyborgs. It’s not something that you can base a complex value system around. Psychohistory predicts that within the next hundred years Mechanica will need to grow a second core value, decline into a society, or fall apart entirely.

The United Worlds of Mechanica is on good terms with the Masquerade, Tao, and the Stardwellers. They’re uncertain about the Stored — are they really human, or just simulations of one? Mechanica is very much against the Logicians and Union, for their meddling with the human brain.

Common Name: Mechanica
Emblem: A series of interlocking gears, the ancient ymbol of technology and industry. The gears are decorated with the undulating texture of the brain, indicating Mechanica’s belief that humanity rests in the brain alone.
Inspector Status: Equivalent to an FBI or customs agent.
Benefit: Mechanicans may substitute their Stringtech or Nanotech scores for Biotech in almost all situations. The exception is when dealing with age and with poisons and diseases that actually penetrate to their living parts. All Mechanicans have a neural mesh, regardless of their Cognitech score.
Core Value: Humanity. Mechanicans have only three Core Values.

Humanity allows Mechanicans to resist attempts to convince them that they’re just machines, or that they should allow “cold, mechanical logic” alone to dictate major decisions. This is one of the reasons they and the Logicians hate each other so much. Humanity as a CV has some possible speciesist overtones, but the issue hasn’t yet come up in a major way. The other intelligent species in the universe are sufficiently nonhuman that the Mechanican government considers them on their own merits.

Mechanican Entertainment

This Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!

At the Y22 Memorial Colosseum!

It’s an enormous Monster Rally!

See FH-97-A in his titanic killer suit!

Watch Angstrom-X and The Atomic Chassis battle it out in all-out nanotech war!

Then WS4J and the Burninator take it to the streets in a bone-crushing metal-tearing cage-throwing cage match!

Plus the 1812 Overture performed by special guest 1812 himself!

All for the low low price of just eighty-five kilocredits!

And you can’t miss the grandaddy of them all, the Monstertron X-1 chassis, as worn by hometown favorite Aleph H4! All this and much much more at the Y22 Memorial Colleseum!

You’ll pay for the whole seating block, but you’ll only need the edge!

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