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Character Creation

Here’s where the mechanics of the game begin; where we start getting into the rules. We’ll start with character creation.

Each player in Sufficiently Advanced plays a single character, speaking for him or her (or it) and making important decisions based on that character’s personality.

Before you start to make your character, it will help to read through the various civilizations that can be found in the universe (starting on page 10). Every character comes from one of these cultures, and has certain traits that are either inherited or ingrained during childhood. Some people choose to join certain societies as well (see page 58), cross-civilizational groups organized for a particular purpose.

The next place to go is your character’s Core Values (starting on the next page). There are very few natural phenomena in the universe that are adequate to stop a fully-enhanced human being. What a person can cause or endure becomes less important than whether he or she chooses to react to it. Most of the conflict in S.A. is driven by other characters, and how your character will react is reflected by Core Value ratings. Core Values are rated on a 1-10 scale, and are described in detail on the next page.

Once you know your character’s beliefs and values, the next thing to think about is how he or she fits into the story. What events are likely to happen around your character? Is romance in the future? Are there hidden webs of intrigue? Or does the worst of it simply wash off? These things are represented by Themes, which are described on page 114. Themes are the most powerful tools a player has for driving the story, and we’ll be discussing them and their uses in great depth. Each one is rated on a scale of 1-4, though there are ways to temporarily make them more powerful.

Capabilities and Professions are next (on pages 78 and 83, respectively). These describe your character’s innate or enhanced abilities, as well as years of training. Each is rated on a scale of 1-10, and each one also comes with points of Reserve attached to it. Capabilities are broader than Professions, but training in a specific area can easily beat raw talent. Capabilities are described on page 78, Professions on page 83, and Reserve on page 88.

Here’s a quick checklist for character creation:
1. Choose a Civilization for your character, and optionally, a Society.
2. Note the Core Values you received in step 1. Pick your other Core Values. Most characters have four in total.
3. Pick your Themes, and choose Descriptors for each one you have a ranking in.
4. Based on the level of your Themes, decide on how high you want your Capabilities. You might decide to go back and revise your Themes based on this.
5. Purchase Professions by spending years of your character’s life in training.

Other items, such as a name and some background details, can also be useful if you intend to play a fully-realized character rather than just a compilaton of statistics. Some of these things can come out during play, and can even be retroactively created through the use of Themes. Don’t be afraid to jump in.

Naming conventions for the various civilizations can be found on page 73. Don’t feel restricted to these; people invent new names and borrow from other civilizations all the time.

Some pre-generated characters can be found starting on page 89, in case you want to see some examples of the finished product. There is also a longer list of characters who are complete except for backgrounds and Themes, starting on page 94. Those who are interested in just picking a stereotypical member of a particular civilization might want to look through these.

MessagePosté le: Jeu 1 Oct - 20:16 (2009) Back to top

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