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All characters have one or more Professions. Each Profession allows your character to do a particular job, and indicates that you’ve been employed in this capacity in the past.

A Profession represents a narrower focus than a Capability. Cognitech, for example, covers nearly everything to do with the brain — careful thought, creativity, quick response, problem-solving, memory, and more. Professions instead deal with a more specific area of human ability or knowledge. Professions like Engineer, Explorer, and Finance all draw heavily on Cognitech, but they put its raw power to use in very different ways.

Despite their narrowness, all the Professions include all of the skills necessary to do them well. For instance, the Crisis Control profession includes firefighting, riot control, paramedic, and nanophage response training, as well as the ability to remain calm under fire and react quickly to danger. The Artist profession includes not only the ability to create art, but skill at incorporating memetic techniques in your work, presenting it for sale, publicizing your work, and handling your finances.

If your character has only ever worked in a single industry or field, you probably only need one Profession. However, it’s not uncommon for characters to have half a dozen Professions. Many people work multiple jobs as they get older. Locality, in particular, will be a very common Profession — everyone starts with it, and all those who’ve traveled and worked outside their home civilization will have some degree of Locality for their host civilization.

Professions are rated on a 1-10 scale. The higher your rating, the more years you’ve spent training, practicing, working, and occasionally teaching your Profession. If you ever wonder, “Exactly how good is someone with Medical 6?”, the answer can be found on the table to the right: they’re a doctor with 56 years of experience.

Advancing in a Profession only takes time. There is no other cost to your character. This means that your Professions set a minimum age for your character. You begin at 10 years old, and add the years required to learn all of your Professions.

The table below shows how long you have to practice (in total) to attain a particular level in a profession.

Profession Learning Time
Level Total Years
1 1
2 4
3 10
4 20
5 35
6 56
7 84
8 120
9 165
10 220

High Cognitech scores allow you to learn things more quickly. Having a Cognitech score of 4 or 5 reduces the time required by 25%, Cognitech 6-7 reduces it by 50%, and Cognitech 8 or higher reduces it by 75%. As an example, someone with a Cognitech score of 5 can learn Athlete 6 in 42 years, instead of the normal 56 years. Characters like the Stored, with very high Cognitech scores and long lifespans, will often pick up a dozen Professions.

The Locality profession is special. You can learn Locality professions while learning other Professions, so unless you learn a great number of Localities, they will not increase your character’s starting age.

Math nerds take note: the time required for Professions is the third diagonal on Pascal’s Triangle.


Free Professions

All characters start with the Locality profession for their home region at level 5. They also have basic literacy and mathematics skills, and a minimum technological competency (unless they’re an Old-Worlder). All characters start out being 10 years old before adding on the time spent gaining Professions.


Special Situations


Some Professions require concentration in a specific area. Artist and Engineer are good examples. Sculptors can’t necessarily write poetry, nor can psychohistorians build bridges. Treat these concentrations as completely different Professions.

Specialized Tasks

There are some things that untrained people just can’t do. Each Profession gives some examples of specialized tasks. You can’t even attempt a specialized task unless you have the right Profession. You still roll both Profession and Capability, but your total roll is limited to your Profession’s maximum result. Competence lenses do give characters the ability to do specialized tasks, because they give you an effective rating in their Profession.

Relevant Experience

If you have a Profession that’s closely related to another one you want to use, you can substitute your Profession by spending a point of Reserve. An example would be holding a press conference using Political instead of Media, or using Police instead of Legal to understand the implications of a new law. You still can’t do specialized tasks.

No Experience

To use a Profession you don’t have, or a different concentration within the same Profession, you must spend a point of Reserve and take a -2 penalty to your roll. You can’t attempt any specialized tasks this way.

No Tech

All Professions are technology-dependent, even apparently simple ones like Farmer. Characters who find themselves in a low-tech environment (Tech levels below 3) can’t use Reserve to boost their rolls, though they can still use it to re-roll. The Old-Worlder civilization benefit removes this penalty.


Missing Professions

Need a Profession that’s not here? Make it up! As long as it doesn’t completely subsume two or more existing Professions, you can assume that just about any job in the world would be appropriate to put on your character sheet. If you want a Profession that does do everything that two other Professions do (warriorpoet, perhaps?), you should either take both of those, or perhaps work out a Society with your GM that could have access to that Profession as a benefit.


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