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Game Mechanics

There are two basic ways for your characters to affect the world around them. The first is through the use of their Capabilities and Professions. All characters have this option, whether controlled by a player or the GM. The second is through the use of Themes and Twists, which are available only to the players’ characters. The first part of this chapter deals with the more mundane method, rolling dice and using Capabilities and Professions. The second part deals with Twists and Themes, and that starts on page 114.

Not every interaction needs to be mediated in one of these ways. Most day-to-day tasks need no roll or intervention whatsoever, and even “day-to-day” actions can be quite impressive for those with high Capabilities.

Basic Dice Rolling

Sufficiently Advanced uses ten-sided dice. If you have dice with zeroes, read the zero as a ten. Make sure you have dice of different colors, so you can tell them apart.

When you roll you’ll typically have two scores involved: a Capability and a Profession. Roll one die for each score, and multiply your roll by your score. Take the higher result.

For instance, let’s say you’re playing football. You would roll on Biotech & Athletics. If you have Bio 4 and Athletics 3, and rolled a 7 and a 4, you would have scores of (4x7) 28 and (3x4) 12. Ignore the twelve; your final result is 28.

Modifiers in this game almost always refer to your die roll. If the GM tells you that you have a +1 modifier to the roll above, you would have a (4x8) 32, not a 29. Occasionally you will modify your Capability during a roll, but we’ll always clearly tell you when this happens. This most often comes into play with Core Values, which increase Metatech or a Profession directly when someone is trying to work against your CV. If you see a rule that says “+2 bonus”, assume it applies to the number you roll on the die.

Spending Reserve

Because putting 100% effort into everything you do would be very tiring, you don’t normally get the full potential of your scores. You conserve your strength, pace yourself, and take your chances. Reserve lets you put more effort and care into your work, letting you do your best but tiring you out.

Spending one point of Reserve from an appropriate Capability or Profession allows you to re-roll the die for that score. You can also use points of Reserve to add +1 to your roll for each point spent. You cannot add more points than your base score in this way.

In our example, the football player above couldn’t add more than +4 to his Biotech roll, or +3 to his Athletics roll. He could still re-roll as many times as he wanted.

When you’re rolling on more than one score (as is usually the case), you can spend Reserve from either score to reroll either die. In the football example, the player could spend from Biotech Reserve to reroll the Athletics die, or vice-versa.

When you’re out of Reserve, your character is tired and can’t exert as much energy. In addition to simply being out of Reserve, you’re at -1 on all rolls involving that particular score. You also become very vulnerable to any kind of extended conflict involving that score.

It’s appropriate to spend Reserve in nearly any situation, as long as your character (or a part of her) is conscious. Sleeping or knocked out characters can’t spend Reserve to hear someone sneaking into their room, for instance. However, someone with a sufficiently high Cognitech might run a Lens that keeps a small portion of her awareness active throughout the night, allowing her to spend Reserve for such occasions. Likewise, characters might succumb to mesh-hacking or metatech assaults that leave them unable or unwilling to spend Reserve, due to mental blocks or severe depression.

Modifiers to scores (such as the bonus to Metatech from Core Values) never provide extra Reserve.

MessagePosté le: Ven 2 Oct - 22:23 (2009) Back to top

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