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Technology Index by Level

For those who want to know what a particular civilization is capable of deploying, we present this index of technologies by tech level. Some items require multiple different technologies or can be achieved in multiple different ways; these have parenthetical comments indicating what other technology levels are needed.

Biotech 3 Household Biosensors (N4), Gene Therapy 4 Designer Drugs 5 Biofeedback 6 the Voice of Peace (M10,N6), Post-Facto Genetic Engineering 7 Environmental Fabrication (C6,N4) 8 Parthenogenesis Organ 9 Genetic Resynthesis 10 Terraforming (C7,N5,S5)

Cognitech 4 Data Ghost, Sensory Overload Array (S4), Familars 5 Awakening Lens, Cerebral Firewall, Warm-Up Programs, Neural Meshes (N5), the Infosphere 6 Competence Lenses, Emotion Beams, Ethics Lens, Environmental Fabrication (B7,N4) 7 “Rest Easy” Lens, Persona Lens, Memory Recombination, Terraforming (B10,N5,S5) 8 Instant Response Technique 9 Pattern Recognition Enhancement 10 Internal Simulation Processors

Metatech 3 City Planning 4 Riot-Control Techniques, Quantitative Semiotics 5 Mental Repetition Override Lens, Memetics 6 Societal Planning, WAHI 7 Eye-Catching Stance 8 Psychohistory, JAIT 9 Civilization Planning 10 Voice-of-Peace (B6,N6)

Nanotech 3 Remotes, Nanotubes 4 Weak Stealth, Modern Paintbrush, Household Biosensors (B3), Fast-Foam, Environmental Fabrication, Beanstalks 5 Dermal Bots, Self-Maintaining Civil Works, Neural Meshes (N5), Nanoweave Greatcoats, Terraforming (B10,C7,S5), Builder Bots 6 The Voice of Peace (B6,M10), Replicators, Nanophages I 7 Pseudosurfaces, Microbot Fabrication Unit 8 Programmable Surfaces, Nanophages II 9 Inorganic Cells 10 Pseudomaterials

Stringtech 3 Dirty Bombs, Nuclear Bombs 4 Sensory Overload Array (N4), Electric Power Plants (fusion) 5 Dissociation Beam, Unified Field Theory, Terraforming (B10,C7,N5), Beanstalks 6 Decay-Induction Fields, Transmutation Chambers, Photon-Splitting Field 7 Antimatter Gun, Electric Power Plants (antimatter) Emotion Beams, Inversion Beams 8 Wormholes, Transmutation Beams 9 Fission-Fusion Beam 10 Strangelet Bombs, Singularity Launcher


Implanted Gear

Many characters will have equipment implanted in their bodies. When implanting technology, your Capability must be at least equal to the equipment’s effective capability. For instance, you can’t implant an Inversion Beam until you have Stringtech 9.

This is purely a game-balance issue, not a technical limitation. By implanting the Inversion Beam you would effectively be raising your Stringtech to 9. If you just want to carry the thing around instead, that’s fine, but then it can be taken away by various means.

You can take full advantage of an implanted item’s normal abilities, such as a descriptor or a bonus to damage.


Nonexistent Technology

There are some kinds of technology that don’t exist in the S.A. universe. In some cases they’re based on what we currently think is pseudoscience. In other cases it’s because they’re just around the corner, and thus make excellent plot seeds.

Brain Duplication by “downloading” someone’s personality isn’t allowed. You can make an imperfect copy using a mesh, which results in a Persona Lens or you can make a perfect copy by feeding the person into a replicator. One could also make a very, very good copy by using a mesh over the course of about 10-15 years.

Force Fields are pseudoscience. There are several highly effective countermeasures in this game, but none are of the “walls of sparkly force” variety.

Gravitational Warp Drives of the type proposed by Alcubierre are possible, but are unfathomably energy-intensive. One would have to use the entire energy output of several stars to even get a moderatesized ship across one galaxy. No one uses it when wormholes are so much more efficient.

Healmajigs — you know, those things the doctor waves over you, which immediately fix whatever is wrong with you. Those don’t exist. They affect biological matter in a complex manner far too quickly.

Hyperdrive, which is typically described as pushing a ship into some other dimension where things move really fast, is pseudoscience. Even if it did exist, you’d still run into time travel problems due to faster-than-light travel.

Inertial Dampeners are a no-no. If you want a high-speed spaceship, you better make sure your body can handle the g’s.

Invulnerable Materials are impossible. You can make some pretty tough stuff, especially if it only has to last a short time, but everything can be broken down in one way or another.

Negative Entropy in all its forms is a no-no. Whether you’re talking about running time in reverse, making a machine that absorbs heat overall rather than emitting it, or un-breaking an egg, it’s all impossible.

Perpetual Motion of any sort is pure pseudoscience and not part of the game.

Physical Immortality is a definite possibility for Biotech 11 or 12, it just hasn’t happened yet.

Psionic / Psychic Powers are of dubious scientific basis at best. They’ve been left out.

Quantum Teleportation is just a higher-resolution version of what replicators already do: destroy something in one place, and make a perfect duplicate somewhere else. They have all the same moral and ethical problems as replicators.

Self-Powered Nanotech is bunk. There’s no way to fit a power source onto something that tiny.

Sentient Nanotech can’t exist in this setting. You can give it a really good response program, but not true sentience — the computing requirement is too high. You could still have a sentient central command center with a bunch of microbots, or a sentient being made from artificial cells.

Shapeshifting happens in the real world — look at caterpillars and butterflies — but it happens over a long time. Fast shapeshifting is out.

Sub-Nanotech, such as “picotech” or “femtotech,” is out. The uncertainty principle kicks in and prevents one from building anything out of particles that small — the particles just fall into whatever configuration they like.

Temporal Stasis is out. You could theoretically find a big black hole and orbit it closely, and that would be similar, but you can’t build a human-sized tube to do it for you. Temporal accelerators for fastgrowing clones and high-speed training are likewise out.

Time Travel is actually a reality in this setting. In fact, the Transcendentals rely on it for their very existence. You could also use a wormhole for time travel, though you couldn’t go back to before the wormhole was created.

Transporters of the type seen on a particular TV show do not exist. If you want to get around instantly, use wormholes.

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